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apuzzletotherestofus asked: So sorry for the reblog spam. Your blog is awesome.

Hey, I’m not complaining :)

Thanks SOOO much for reading and following and enjoying…you have no idea how happy it makes me :)


godblesstheband-deactivated2011 asked: i've only just found this blog and i just love it all! haha, i want to reblog everything

Thank you!!! :)
I won’t stop you…well, I might. But it’ll only be a half-hearted effort.



darlingeverythingsonfire asked: When I found your blog I go through every single page and vomited rainbows and felt like crying because EVERY single one is so true and spot-on! Thank you for existing :)

Were there pots of gold at the end of those vomited rainbows?! If so, you’re probably a bajillionaire! Thank YOU for following and being supportive…THAT’S the reason I exist in the first place :)


ice-creamcastle asked: aah this blog is so amazing! i can't stop reblogging, at one point i even asked myself if i had started this tumblr in my sleep without even realizing it?... it's like you're reading my mind! hahaha.
already participated in the book give-away, thank you so much for doing it! :)

Actually…you DID start this in your sleep. And then, while still asleep, you handed control over to me…I mean, what?! haha…but THANK YOU for participating and for following. It means a lot :)

jareddpad asked: I like giveaways.
Can you help me find the link to it? :D

It is right here, m’lady

Just watch the video, follow the instructions, and GOOD LUCK :)


dannixgm asked: I guess the giveaway isn't international?

SURE IS!!! As long as you can use Amazon where you live, feel free to enter :)

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