tabbylewis said: Are you ever going to start posting again? I miss you!

I am!! I am looking for more submissions to create a bunch of posts at a time and then queue them up for when I’m SWAMPED with my last year of law school…hint hint ;) Send them in, everyone!

captain-clumsy-giraffe said: What are some good books that aren't 'teen literature' or teen novels. I hate romance novels because eew! So what do yoh recommend for me to start getting into 'adult' books that aren't romantic...

I’ll recommend some (with links to their pages on Goodreads) and hopefully some of my amazing followers can offer some of their favorites :)

Not knowing what your reading tastes are like, I tried to incorporate a bit of variety (not including non-fiction). Hopefully something sparks your interest! But when in doubt, I like to visit Goodreads and see what others are reading. 

Also, play around with this site a little bit to see what you should read next! Hope that helps :)


First of all, I apologize profusely for my lack of presence on this blog. Law school has not been kind to me in terms of allowing me much free time. However, I miss this blog and all of you wonderful fans of the site, so I’ve made it a goal to get back on the horse!

Here is the problem: Tumblr, through whatever blunders were permitted, has deleted all 300+ messages I had with submissions. Therefore, I’m looking for new submissions! 

The ask box is officially open, but once I reach 200 I will close it temporarily to allow myself time to catch up. If you’re familiar with this blog and the posts on it, please try not to duplicate what has already been posted, if possible.

Thank you so much for sticking around through the hiatus. You have about as much patience as BBC Sherlock fans ;)

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